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The Rest of the Story was a Monday-through-Friday radio program originally hosted by Paul Harvey. Beginning as a part of his newscasts during the Second World War and then premiering as its own series on the ABC Radio Networks on May 10, 1976, The Rest of the Story consisted of stories presented as little-known or forgotten facts on a variety of subjects with some key element of the story (usually the name of some well-known person) held back until the end. The broadcasts always concluded with a variation on the tag line "And now you know the rest of the story."

From its inception, the scripts for the series had been drafted and the broadcasts produced by Harvey's son Paul Harvey, Jr., who in later years of his father's career also acted as a substitute host. Some of the radio stories were published in book form as The Rest of the Story and More of The Rest of the Story. (On the back cover of More of the Rest of the Story, the book is said to contain "True mysteries from history".) After the elder Harvey's death on February 28, 2009, ABC radio host Doug Limerick was chosen as the show's new host.[1] The Rest of the Story was canceled after three weeks with Limerick as host.

Show List

A-Bomb Musician
Abbott and Costello
Abner Doubleday
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln 2 Paul Jr
Abraham Lincoln 3
Abraham Lincoln Paul Jr
Acid Lake Paul Jr
Actor On Death Row
Admiral Lord Nelson
Adolph Hitler 2
Adolph Hitler Paul Jr
Agatha Christie
Albert Einstein
Alcatraz Paul Jr
Alexander Graham Bell
Alexander Hamilton
Allergic Golfer Paul Jr
Alternating Current
Amazing Memory Paul Jr
American Flag
American Idol Paul Jr
Ancient Childproof
Ancient Forests Paul Jr
Ancient Inventor Paul Jr
Ancient Scalpel
Ancient Snowstorm
Andorra Military Paul Jr
Andrew Carnegie Paul Jr
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson 2 Paul Jr
Andrew Johnson
Antique SUV Paul Jr
Archduke Ferdinand
Arizona Biltmore
Arizona Paul Jr
Armand Hammer Paul Jr
Arnold Palmer Paul Jr
Arthur Conan Doyle 2
Arthur Godfrey Paul Jr
Arthur Murray
Atilla The Hun
Babe Didrikson
Babe Ruth 2 Paul Jr
Babe Ruth Paul Jr
Bad Golf
Barbara Walters
Barbed Wire
Barbra Streisand
Basketball Hero
Bat Masterson Paul Jr
Before Baseball Paul Jr
Benedict Arnold
Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin 2
Benjamin Franklin 3
Benjamin Franklin 4
Benjamin Franklin Paul Jr
Benjamin Franklin Secret Weapon
Ben Franklin Electricity Paul Jr
Bernie Baruch
Better Than Lincoln
Billy Joel
Bill Clinton
Bing Crosby Paul Jr
Biological Warfare
Birdseye Paul Jr
Birds Nest Soup
Birth of Freedom
Bjorn Borg
Black Beauty
Blind Companion
Blind Horse
Blind Mechanic
Bob Dylan
Bob Griese Paul Jr
Bob Hope
Boeing Author Paul Jr
Brahms Lullaby
Brave Light That Wont Go Out (full)
Bridal Shower
Bruce Devlin
Buckingham Palace Paul Jr
Buckminster Fuller
Bulova Wrist Watch
Buried Treasure
Butterfly Migration
Calvin Coolidge
Calvin Peete
Capitol Corpses Paul Jr
Captain Kidd
Carribean Christmas
Carrier Pigeon
Carrie Nation
Cary Grant
Car Genius
Casey At The Bat
Cassius Clay
Cassius Clay 2
Cassius Clay 3
Cerebral Palsy
Charles Bronson Paul Jr
Charles Darwin
Charles Dickens
Charles Dickens 3
Charles Lee
Charles Lindburgh Paul Jr
Charles Manson
Chess Match Paul Jr
Chester A Arthur
Chicago Fire
Chicago Hero Paul Jr
Chicago Mayhem
Chicago Paul Jr
Child Proof Cap Paul Jr
Christopher Columbus
Chuck Norris
Cigarette Ads Paul Jr
City of Is Paul Jr
Clark Gable Paul Jr
Clinton Bush
Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood 2
Cocoa Chanelle Paul Jr
Cole Porter
Columbus Hurricane
Confederates near Washington Paul Jr
Conway Twitty Paul Jr
Cremated Director Paul Jr
Cupie Doll Paul Jr
Dan Pastorini Paul Jr
Disneyland Paul Jr
Dont Give Up The Ship
Dont Give Up The Ship 2
Doris Day
Doris Day 2
Double Hanging Paul Jr
Downtown Atlanta
Dracula Paul Jr
Dr Livingston I Presume
Dr Seuss
Dr Seuss 2
Dr Spock
Dudley Moore
Dwight Eisenhower
Early Innoculation
Easter Parade Paul Jr
Eddie Rickenbacker
Egyptian Cinderella
Einstein Refrigerator
Eleanor Roosevelt
Elijah Pierce
Elizabeth Taylor
Ellen G White
Elliot Ness
Elvis Presley
Emancipation Proclamation
Enrico Fermi Paul Jr
Entombed 31 Years Paul Jr
Erle Stanley Gardner
Eugene Oneill
Evil Wickedness
Felix The Fire Fighter Paul Jr
Fidel Castro
Fidel Castro 2 (Full)
First Car Accident Paul Jr
First Miss America Paul Jr
First Woman Mayor
First Woman Voter
Fonda Stewart
Frank Lary
Frank Sinatra
Frank Sinatra Paul Jr
Franz Liszt
French Potato Paul Jr
Frisbee Paul Jr
Gallo Wine
Gary Cooper
Gary Player
Gas Crisis
General Custer
General Custer 2
General Custer 3
Gene Roddenberry
George Lucas
George Patton
George Patton 2
George Washington Youth
Gerald Ford
German Capture
Gettysburg Alternative Paul Jr
Gideon Bible
Ginger Rogers
Girls Football
Giuseppe Verdi
Glacier Paul Jr
Glamour Gender Paul Jr
God Bless America Paul Jr
Golda Meir Paul Jr
Gone With the Wind
Gordon Parks Paul Jr
Grace Kelley
Grandfathers Clocks
Grandma Moses Paul Jr
Grapes Of Wrath
Graumans Chinese Theater
Groucho Marx Paul Jr
Grover Cleveland
Grover Cleveland 2
Handicapped Athlete Paul Jr
Handicapped Swimmer Paul Jr
Hank Aaron
Hank Williams
Harold Robbins
Harrison Ford
Harry Houdini Paul Jr
Harry Truman Paul Jr
Healing Laughter
Helen Keller Paul Jr
Herbert Hoover
Hertz Paul Jr
High Heels Paul Jr
Hillary Clinton Paul Jr
Hitler's Pilot
Hoagy Charmichael
Hope Diamond Paul Jr
Horatio Nelson
Horse Crazy
Horse Cured
Horse Race Paul Jr
Humphrey Bogart
Iceberg That Sank Titanic
Ice Ages
Ice Cream Paul Jr
Ice Cream Sundae Paul Jr
Idaho Colorado
Ivory Snow Paul Jr
Ivory Soap Paul Jr
Iwo Jima
Jack Benny 2
Jack Benny Paul Jr
Jack Daniel
Jack Dempsey 2
Jack the Ripper
Jacques Cousteau
Jacques Cousteau 2
Jacques d'Amboise
Jacques dAmboise
James Arness
James Audubon
James Garfield
Jay Leno
Jerry Lewis
Jerry Trailer
Jesse James Income
Jesse Owens
Jewish Swastika
Jimmy Cagney
Jimmy Cagney 2
Jimmy Cagney 3
Jim Bakker
Jim Carrey 2
Jim Harrison
Jinxed Ship Paul Jr
Joan Rivers
Joe Namath
Johann Sebastian Bach
Johnny Mathis Paul Jr
Johnny Miller Paul Jr
Johnny Unitas
John Adams
John Calvin
John Dillinger
John D Rockefeller Paul Jr
John Greenleaf Whittier
John Keats
John L Sullivan
John Quincy Adams
John Quincy Adams 2
John Travolta Paul Jr
John Wayne
John Wesley
Josh Tatum
Judy Garland
Julia Child Paul Jr
Julie Andrews
Julio Iglesias
Julius Caesar
Ken Venturi
King Wenceslas
Knute Rockne Paul Jr
Lady Bird Johnson
Lane Bryant
Lane Bryant 2
Las Claritas Venezuela
Lee Harvey Oswald
Lenin 2
Lennon Sisters
Leonard Bernstein Paul Jr
Leotard Paul Jr
Life-Saving Payback Paul Jr
Life Savers Paul Jr
Light Bulb
Lincoln's Beard Paul Jr
Lincoln's Bodyguard
Lincolns Bodyguard
Lincoln Advisor Paul Jr
Lincoln War Advisor
Lipton Tea Paul Jr
Little Richard
Lizzy Borden
London Bridge
Loretta Lynn Paul Jr
Louis Armstrong
Louis Pasteur Paul Jr
Louis XIV Map
Lou Holtz
Luciano Pavarotti Paul Jr
Lyndon Johnson
M1 Rifle
Manhattan Paul Jr
Man of War Paul Jr
Mario Andretti
Marksmanship Paul Jr
Mark McGwire
Mark Twain
Mark Twain 2
Marlene Dietrich Paul Jr
Martin Luther
Mary Todd Lincoln
MASH Hawkeye
Mason Dixon Paul Jr
Mata Hari
Maurice Ravel
Maxims Paul Jr
Max Baer
Mayo Clinic
Medieval Fonda
Melba Toast Paul Jr
Mercedes Paul Jr
Merle Haggard
Michael Jordan
Michael Landon
Mickey Mantle
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Rooney
Mickey Spillane
Mick Jagger
Minnie Pearl
Minnie Pearl 2
Missing President
Modern Christopher Columbus
Murphy Bed Paul Jr
Mysterious Photograph
My Fair Lady
Naturalist Irony
Nelson Rockefeller Paul Jr
New York City
Noahs Ark Paul Jr
Noah Webster
Nobel Prize
Noel Coward Paul Jr
Norman Rockwell Paul Jr
Norman Schwartzkopf
North Pole
Notre Dame Football Paul Jr
Nude Bride
Ocean Rescue
Ohio Paul Jr
Ohio River Bridge Paul Jr
Olympic Disqualification
One Armed Pianist
On Crutches
Opera Carmen Paul Jr
Oprah Winfrey
Origins of Thanksgiving
Pancho Villa
Paradise Lost
Paralysis by Analysis
Patrick Henry
Pat Nixon
Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney 2
Paul McCartney 3
Paul Newman
Paul Newman Paul Jr
Pearl Buck
Pennsylvania Paul Jr
Perry Mason Paul Jr
Pete Fountain
Placebo Effect
Platinum Paul Jr
Police Dogs Paul Jr
Polish Strikers
Popeye 2
Pope John Paul I Paul Jr
Pope John XII
Prince Charles
PT Barnum
Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth 2
Queen of England
Rags to Riches
Railroad Inventors
Ralph Nader Mother Paul Jr
Reagan Father Paul Jr
Real End of WWII
Reggie Jackson
Regis Philbin Paul Jr
Reindeer Paul Jr
Rescued Jews
Richard Daley Paul Jr
Richard Nixon
Richard Nixon 2
Richard Simmons
Richard Wagner
Rich Janitor
Robert E Lee
Robert Fulton
Robert Goddard
Robert Kennedy
Robert Louis Stevenson
Robert Morris
Rocky Bleier
Rocky Marciano
Roger Williams
Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan Paul Jr
Rosetta Project
Rosetta Stone
Roy Acuff Paul Jr
Roy Rogers
Rudolph Valentino
Sahara Desert Paul Jr
Salton Sea
Samuel Colt
Sandra Day OConnor
Sanka Coffee
Santa Ana
Saxaphone Paul Jr
Scared to Death
Scott Hamilton
Sedona Arizona
Shell Shock
Ship Salvage
Sidney Poitier Paul Jr
Sigmund or Not Paul Jr
Silent Night
Silhouette Paul Jr
Sincere Paul Jr
Singing Mouse Paul Jr
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Slave Escape Paul Jr
Smoke Filled Room
Snow White
Song Writer Paul Jr
Sonia Henie
Spacecraft Speed
Spaghetti Paul Jr
Spirit of 76
Spy Tree
Squirrel Informant
Staged Coup Paul Jr
Stamp Forgery
Stan Laurel Paul Jr
Stephen King
Strange Rescuer
Stronger Than Kevlar
Struck By Lightning
Struck Out Yankees
Susan Lucci
Swiss Secret
Sybaris vs Croton
Symphonie Fantastique Paul Jr
Synthetic Fuels Act
Teddy Bear
Teddy Rosevelt
Ted Horn Racer
Ted Turner
Ted Williams
Tennis Great
Terrorists Executed
Thats a Doozy
Theodore Roosevelt 2 Paul Jr
Theodore Roosevelt Paul Jr
The Bastille
The Beatles
The Big Bomb
The Edsel
The Necktie
The Penny Paul Jr
The Starving Time
The Umbrella Paul Jr
The White House
Thomas Edison
Thomas Edison 2
Thomas Edison 2 Paul Jr
Thomas Edison 3
Thomas Edison 4
Thomas Edison Paul Jr
Thomas Jefferson Paul Jr
Tin Man of Oz
Titanic Fire
Topless Statue
To The Ballgame Paul Jr
Truman Mother
Ty Cobb Paul Jr
Ulysses Grant
Ulysses Grant 2
Underwear Salesmen Paul Jr
Uneducated Microbiologist
Unusual Advisor
Unusual Prohibition
Upton Sinclair
US Shillings Paul Jr
Vacuum Cleaner
Valuable Forgeries Paul Jr
Variety Charity
Viking Explorations
Walter Cronkite
Walt Disney
Walt Disney 2
War Cabs Paul Jr
War Prediction
War Protestor
Washington's Forbidden Vice
Washington's Christmas Attack
Washington Crossing Delaware 2
Washington DC
Whistler's Father
William Faulkner
William Howard Taft Paul Jr
William Shakespeare
William the Conqueror
Will Rogers
Will Rogers 2
Will Rogers Paul Jr
Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill 2 Paul Jr
Winston Churchill Paul Jr
Wizard of Oz
Woman President Paul Jr
Woodrow Wilson
Woody Allen Paul Jr
World War II Deception Paul Jr
Wright Brothers
Wright Brothers 2
Wrong Way Corrigan Paul Jr
WWII Start
Xavier Cougat Paul Jr
Yellow Rose of Texas
Yes Virginia
You're Joshing Me
You're Joshing Me 2
Ziegfeld Director
Zion National Bank Paul Jr