Have Gun Will Travel

Have Gun Will Travel

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Have Gun — Will Travel is an American Western television series that aired on CBS from 1957 through 1963. It was rated either number three or number four in the Nielsen ratings during each year of its first four seasons. It was one of the few television shows to spawn a successful radio version. The radio series debuted November 23, 1958.

The show followed the adventures of "Paladin," a gentleman gunfighter (played by Richard Boone on television and by John Dehner on radio) who preferred to settle problems without violence; yet, when forced to fight, he excelled. Paladin lived in the Hotel Carlton in San Francisco, where he dressed in formal attire, ate gourmet food, attended the opera and enjoyed the company of beautiful women. In fact, many who met him initially mistook him for a dandy from the east. But when working, he dressed in black, carried a derringer under his belt, used calling cards with a chess knight emblem, and wore a stereotypical western-style black gunbelt with the same chess knight symbol in platinum attached to the holster.

The knight symbol refers to his name—a nickname or working name—and his occupation as a champion-for-hire. The theme song of the series refers to him as "a knight without armor." In "The Road to Wickenburg," Paladin draws a parallel between his methods and the chess piece's movement: "It's an attack piece, the most versatile on the board. It can move eight different ways, over barriers, and [is] always unexpected." Paladin's routine switch from the expensive light-colored suit of his genteel urbane persona in San Francisco to his alter ego, who wears all-black attire for forays into the lawless and barren Western frontier, is also a chess reference. The chess knight also appears on his iconic business card, which inspired the quip "What's Paladin's first name?" "Wire, of course—look at his card!"


Episode List

Caesar's Wife
Maggie O'Banyon
Helen of Abajinian (Reluctant Groom)
Heyboy's Revenge
The Warrant
French Leave
Lena Countryman
The Lady
Eat Crow
Like Father
Killers Widow
Irish Luck
The Lonely One
Strange Vendetta
Death Of A Young Gunfighter
Winchester Quarantine
Bad Bert
Bitter Vengence
Fair Fugitive
They Told Me You Were Dead
Hanging Cross
Out of Evil
Pat Murphy
Brothers Lost
Love Birds
No Visitors
Finn Alley
My Son Must Die
Delta Queen
Ella West
Monster On Moon Ridge
The Wager
Young Gun
Sam Crow
Stopover in Tombstone
The Odds
The Gunsmith
Extended Viva
For The Birds
Martha Nell
All That Glitters
Wedding Day
The Map
Return Engagement
A Matter Of Ethics
Dressed To Kill
Five Days To Yuma
Gun Shy
Montana Vendetta
Road To Wickenberg
The Teacher
The Outlaw
Lady Kane (The Silver Queen)
That Was No Lady
NellieWatson's boy
The Five Books of Owen Deaver
About Face
The Colonel and the Lady
The Contessa
Treasure Hunt
Bringing Up Ollie
When In Rome
Little Guns
The Englishman
Blind Courage
So True, Mr Barnum
Return Of Dr Thackery
Range Carnival
Assignment in Stone's Crossing
Doctor From Vienna
In An Evil Time
Dad-Blamed Luck
Doll House in Diamond Springs
The Statue Of San Sebastian
Bitter Wine
The Search For Willie Dawson
From Here To Boston
Somebody Out There Hates Me
North Fork
Too, Too Solid Town
The Bells Of Perdido
Apache Concerto
Bring 'Em Back Alive
Shanghai is a Verb
Dusty and His Uncle Muncie
The Boss
Hell Knows No Fury
The Lucky Penny Mine
Prunella's Fellow
Sense Of Justice
Deliver The Body
Birds Of A Feather
Anything I Want