The Great Gildersleeve

The Great Gildersleeve

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The Great Gildersleeve  - 498 Episodes


The Great Gildersleeve is a radio situation comedy broadcast from August 31, 1941, to March 21, 1957.[2] Initially written by Leonard Lewis Levinson,[3] it was one of broadcast history's earliest spin-off programs. The series was built around the character Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve, a regular element of the radio situation comedy Fibber McGee and Molly. The character was introduced in the October 3, 1939 episode (number 216) of that series. Peary played a similarly named character, Dr. Gildersleeve on earlier episodes. The Great Gildersleeve enjoyed its greatest popularity in the 1940s. Actor Harold Peary played the character during its transition from the parent show into the spin-off and later in four feature films released at the height of the show's popularity.

In Fibber McGee and Molly, Peary's Gildersleeve had been a pompous windbag and nemesis of Fibber McGee. "You're a haa-aa-aa-aard man, McGee!" became a Gildersleeve catchphrase. The character went by several aliases on Fibber McGee and Molly; his middle name was revealed to be "Philharmonic" in "Gildersleeve's Diary" episode on October 22, 1940.

"Gildy" grew so popular that Kraft Foods—promoting its Parkay margarine—sponsored a new series featuring Peary's somewhat mellowed and always befuddled Gildersleeve as the head of his own family. (Wikipedia)


Episode List

A Coat for Marjorie

A Date with Miss Del Rey

A Gift for Miss Tuttle

A Gift from Cousin Bert

A Job Contact 2

A Job for Bronco

A Lesson In Puppy Love

A Motor for Leroys Bike

A New Bed for Marjorie

A Night at the Opera

A Pal to Leroy

A Pre Show

A Visit from Oliver

Acting Mayor

Acting Police Commissioner

Adeline Fairchild Arrives

Adelines Hat Shop

Adopting the Baby

Alone for Christmas

Alone with Paula

An Evening with a Good Book

An Evening with Miss Piper

Anniversary Dinner

Anniversary Present

Annual Christmas Program

Anual Estate Report Due

Apartment Hunting

Appointed Water Commissioner

Arrested As a Car Thief

Arrives In Summerfield

Audition Pgm

Aunt Hattie Finally Returns Home

Aunt Hattie Stays On

Aunt Hattie Visits

Auto Mechanics

Babysitting the Twins

Back Yard Camping

Be Kind to Birdie

Ben Returns from the Navy

Ben Sells Life Insurance

Bessie Takes Gildy to a Dance

Better Than Bullard

Bird Watchers

Birdie May Go To Marjories

Birdie Quits

Birdie Sings

Birdie Takes a Vacation

Birdies Mystery Cake Recipe

Birthday Party Confflicts

Birthday Tea for Marjorie

Boating Date

Boys Club Dislocates the Jolly Boys

Breach of Promise

Bringing The Twins Home

Bronco and Marjorie Engaged

Bronco Bows Out

Bronco Comes Home

Bronco Disappears

Bronco Is a Nervous Wreck

Bronco Runs the Household

Bronco the Broker

Bronco the Broker -rewrite-

Bronco Wants to Build a Wall

Broncos Aunt Victoria

Broncos Bottled Water Company

Bullard for Mayor

Buying a Spray Gun

Cabin On the Lake

Canary Wont Sing

Car Wreck with Hooker

Chairman of Womens Committee

Chief Gates On the Spot

Christmas 1942

Christmas at Home

Christmas Caroling at Home

Christmas Eve Program

Christmas Gift for Mcgee

Christmas Shopping

Christmas Stray Puppy

City Employees Picnic

Cleaning Bullards House

College Chums Son Visits

Colorful Past

Community Chest Football

Complaint Department

Congressman Gildersleeve

Cousin Emily Visits

Cousin Octavia Visits

Craigs Birthday Party

Dancing School

Date with a Star

Deep Sea Diver

Dinner for Eves Mother

Dinner Party for Broncos Boss

Dinner with Katherine

Dinner With Peavey

Dinner with the Thompsons

Disappearing Christmas Gifts

Dodging a Process Server

Does Leroy Need a Mother

Doomsday Picnic

Double Date with Bullard

Double Date with Marjorie

Dr Olsen Leaving Town

Easter Rabbits

Easter Sunrise Service

Economy This Christmas

Election Day

Election Day Bet

Encouraging Romance


Engaged to Two Women

Engagement Announcement

Engagement Defense

Eves Mother Arrives

Eves Mother Stays On

Extra Help at the Water Dept

Facing Old Age

Falling For Bullards Sister

Family Christmas

Family Vacation

Fathers Day Chair

Fire Engine Committee

First Anniversary

First Day on the Job

Fiscal Report Due

Fish Fry

Fish Fry rewrite

Fishing at Grass Lake

Fishing Trip

Fishing With Miss McKinley

Flashback Gildy Meets leila

Flashback-Gildy Plays Cyrano

Flashback-Jolly Boys Fourth of July


Floyds Inheritance 2

Folk Dancing Class

Forgotten Anniversary

French Visitor

Getting Leroy to Study

Gildy Accused of Loafing

Gildy Almost Goes to Europe

Gildy and Bronco Have a Fight

Gildy and Hooker Renew Friendship

Gildy and Sidney Help Leila

Gildy Babysits

Gildy Causes Water Shutoff

Gildy Considers Marriage

Gildy Dating Two Women Again

Gildy Diets Again -rewrite-

Gildy Disappears

Gildy Drives a Mercedes

Gildy Engaged to Eve

Gildy Fights Inflation

Gildy Floats a Loan

Gildy Gets Eyeglasses

Gildy Gets License PLates

Gildy Gives Up Cigars

Gildy Guards Cash

Gildy Has Two Dates

Gildy Hires Lovey

Gildy Hospitalized

Gildy In the Doghouse with Irene

Gildy Invents a Water Filter

Gildy Investigates Retirement

Gildy Is Fired

Gildy Is Fired rewrite

Gildy Is In a Rut

Gildy Is In the Doghouse

Gildy Is Old Fashioned

Gildy Learns to Samba

Gildy Makes a Will

Gildy Meets Irenes Father

Gildy Meets Leilas New Beau

Gildy Meets Marie

Gildy Meets Nurse Milford

Gildy Needs a Hobby

Gildy Needs a Raise

Gildy Needs Sleep

Gildy Proposes to Adeline

Gildy Rauses Christmas Money

Gildy Rebuffed by Eve

Gildy Repairs His Car

Gildy Runs for Sheriff

Gildy Sees a Pretty Lady

Gildy Sponsors the Opera

Gildy Stays Home Sick

Gildy Sues Bullard

Gildy Swears Off Girls

Gildy the Athlete

Gildy the Author

Gildy the Budding Politician

Gildy the Diplomat

Gildy the Executive

Gildy the Opera Star

Gildy the Pianist

Gildy the Rat 2

Gildy the Songwriter

Gildy the Worry Wart

Gildy to Run for Mayor

Gildy Traces Geneology

Gildy Tries Real Estate

Gildy Tries to Fire Bessie

Gildy Turns Off the Water

Gildy Versus Golf

Gildy Wants a New Job

Gildys Blade

Gildys Campaign HQ

Gildys Diet

Gildys Dog Causes Trouble

Gildys Garden

Gildys Goat Horace

Gildys Millionaire Friend

Gildys New Car

Gildys New Flame

Gildys New Secretary

Gildys Radio Broadcast

Gildys Relapse

Gildys Rival Dr Olsen

Gildys Wedding 2

Good Neighbor Policy

Grace and Leila Meet

Grace Vies for Gildys Attention

Great Tchaikovsky Love Story

Guess the Number of Beans Contest

Halloween party

Happy Moving Day

Hattie and Hooker


Helping Leroy with Homework

Helping Raise Ronnie

Hiccups 2

Home Haircut

Honeymoon Preparations

Horse Race Tickets

House Guest Bullard

House Guest Hooker

House Hunting 2

Houseboat Vacation

Iep109 Income Tax Forms Arrive

Improving Leroys Studies

Impulsive Gildy

Income Tax

Income Tax Audit

Investigating the City Jail

Investing a Windfall

Iron Reindeer

Job Hunting

Jolly Boys Band

Jolly Boys Election

Jolly Boys Falling Out

Jolly Boys Gift

Jolly Boys Invaded

Jolly Boys Or Katie Lee

Jolly Boys Sleigh Ride

Jolly Boys Sponsor an Orphan

Judge Hookers Annual Dinner

Katie Lee Visits

Labor Day at Grass Lake

Labor Trouble

Ladies Man

Laughing Coyote Ranch

Leila Back for a Visit

Leila Engaged

Leila Is Back In Town

Leila Leaves Town

Leila Returns

Leila Returns Home

Leilas Party

Leilas Party for Joanne

Leilas Sister Visits

Leilas Wedding Invitations

Leroy Afraid of a Bully

Leroy Arrested 2

Leroy Breaks a Vase

Leroy Buys a Car

Leroy Buys a Goat

Leroy Gets His Drivers License

Leroy Goes to a Party

Leroy Goes to Aunt Hatties

Leroy Going Steady with Wendy

Leroy Has Competition

Leroy Has the Flu

Leroy Is Too Good -rewrite-

Leroy Jealous of Baby

Leroy Makes Nitro

Leroy Meets Brenda

Leroy Moves Out

Leroy Runs Away

Leroy Sells Christmas Trees

Leroy Sells Papers

Leroy Sells Seeds

Leroy Smokes a Cigar

Leroy Suspended from School

Leroy the Beekeeper

Leroy the Bon-Vivant

Leroy the Electrical Wizard

Leroy the Singing Cowboy

Leroy Visits Judge Hooker

Leroy Wants a Motor Scooter

Leroy Wants a Train Trip

Leroy Writes a Theme

Leroys Big Dog

Leroys Christmas Job

Leroys First Date

Leroys Gift

Leroys Girl Jo Mac

Leroys Horse

Leroys Job

Leroys Laundry Business

Leroys Laundry -rewrite-

Leroys New Teacher

Leroys Paper Route

Leroys Pet Pig

Leroys Pony

Leroys Report Card

Leroys School Play

Leroys Toothache

Leroys Watch

Leroys Week of Freedom

Letters to Servicemen

Liberty Ship Christening

Lightfoot Visits Leila

Lost Boy Halloween

Mae Kelly Gets Engaged

Magazine Salesman

Marie Charms Everyone

Marie Teaches Bronco French

Marjorie and Bronco are Fighting

Marjorie Craves Sauerkraut

Marjorie Is Expecting

Marjorie Plans Engagement

Marjorie the Actress

Marjorie the Ballerina

Marjories Baby Shower

Marjories Babysitting Assignment

Marjories Boy Troubles

Marjories Cake

Marjories Dance Date

Marjories Girlfriend Visits

Marjories Hotrod Boyfriend

Marjories Invitation.

Marjories Job

Marjories Shower

Marjories Teacher

Marjories Wedding

Marjories Wedding Gown

Marshall Bullards Party

Mcgees Invention

McGees Visit

Meet Craig Bullard

Minding the Baby

Miss Grace Tuttle and Birdwatching

Miss Tuttles Brother

Mort Meets Mona

Mystery Baby

Mystery Girl On the Bus

Mystery Singer

Name the Baby Contest

Nature Hike

New Baby Arrives

New House Needed

New Man In Water Dept

New Neighbor Rumson Bullard

New Neighbors

New Piano Teacher

New Secretary

New Years Costume Ball

New Years Eve

New Years Eve at Home

New Years Eve Parties

New Years Eve with Peavey

New Years Reminiscing

Old Flame Violet

Opening Last Christmas Presents

Opera Committee

Opera Committee Chairman

Paula Winthrop Is Back In Town

Peavey and Hooker Are Feuding

Peavey Goes Missing

Peavey Is Re-Elected

Peaveys Day Off

Picnic With Babs

Picnic with the Thompsons

Planting a Tree

Preparing for Leilas Return

Problems with Leroys Teacher

Quiet Evening at Home

Raising a Pig

Raking Leaves

Reception Aftermath

Reception for Miss Del Rey

Royal Visit

Rummage Sale

Rumor Mrs Peavey Is Ill


Sadie Hawkins Dance

Sailing Sailing

Saving the Old Oak

School Board Election

School Pranks

Secret Engagement

Self Sufficiency

Selling the Drug Store

Selling Trees for Needy Childrens Pa

Serviceman for Thanksgiving

Shady Political Supporter

Should Marjorie Work

Shy Leroy

Sleigh Ride

Spanish Dancing Teacher AFRS

Spring Cleaning for the Judge

Springtime in Summerfield

State Water Inspector

Substitute Secretary

Summer Theater

Summerfield 1903

Swimming At Grass Lake

Taking Care of Baby

Teacher Problems

Teaching Marjorie Homemaking

Television Comes to Summerfield

Ten Best Dressed 2

Testimonial Dinner for Judge

Thanksgiving B Ration Book

Thanksgiving With Mikey

The Authority Figure

The Bank Robber

The Bankers Son 2

The Baseball Field

The Birthday Duck Dinner

The Burglar

The Campaign Heats Up

The Carnival

The Circus

The Civic Coordinator

The Crooner

The Duel

The Engagement Ring

The Expectant Father

The First Cold Snap

The Football Game

The Fortune Teller

The Fourth of July Speech

The Golf Tournament

The Grand Opening

The Green Thumb Club

The Haunted House

The Helicopter Ride

The Hobby Show

The Hockey Player

The House Is Sold

The Houseboat

The Jam Session

The Jolly Boys Club Is Formed

The Manganese Mine

The Matchmaker

The New Neighbor

The New Water Commissioner

The Old Tom Cat

The Palm Reader

The Petition

The Pot Roast

The Rainmaker

The Rival

The Sneezes 2

The Sons of Summerfield

The Suggestion Box

The Twins Are Named

The Waterworks Breaks Down

The Welfare Investigator

The Whole Town Is Talking

Throwing Snowballs


Tom Sawyer Raft


Train Trip to Omaha.mp3

Trouble With Miss Tuttle

Trouble With the Mayors Son

Trying to Name Twins

Unwilling Witness

Vacation at Grass Lake

Vacation Plans

Visit by Aunt Hattie

War Bond Drive

Water Dept Calendar

We Systematize

Wedding Date Set

Wedding Guest List

Wedding Imminent

Wedding Shower for Leila

Weight Problems

Whos Kissing Leila

Why the Chimes Rang

Winning Leroy Back from Emily

Witness To a Wedding

Womens Club Speaker

Wooing Amelia Hooker