The Haunting Hour

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The Haunting Hour is a very mysterious show. First, let's note that the Haunting Half-Hour would actually be correct, but an odd title for the show. So Haunting Hour it was.

The second mystery is that, like so many of the great radio talents who labored in the background, unseen and unheralded, this show made for transcription has receded into the ethers of old time radio without a history. That is, the Magister Ludi of Old Time Radio himself, John Dunning, succinctly states in "On the Air, The Encyclopedia of Old Time Radio," "There were no credits, so casts and production crews are unknown."

Vanished without a trace? Were they really there, making real radio? The answer is yes, and the following set of shows proves it. Perhaps you, the kind listeners, might give us a clue to the talents involved. Or were we all just imagining it? It sounds like a plot for another Haunting Hour.

The shows are classic chills from the old school, with creepy organ, overwrought women and over the top men. Perhaps not the highest of melodrama, but obsessively workmanlike. After all, they might have known they were a skeleton staff toiling relentlessly without a ghost of a chance of fame. Thanks to transcription, these unknowns are still with us.

Episode List

A Corpse There Was
Assignment Death
Bird of Death
Dark Tower
Date in the Dark
Death By Request
Death of Jonathon
Destination Unknown
Devil's Deep
Double Threat
Homicide House
If the Shoe Fits
Lonesome Heart
Murder is My Business
Murder Wears a Strange Mask
No Escape
Occupation Murder
Pale Hands That Kill
People in the House
Ptolomey's Grave
Second Chance
Sinister Estate
Skyscraper Mystery
Tapping on the Window
The Case of the Lonesome Corps
The Cat Man
The Hands of Mr. Smith
The Old, Old Man
The Sixth Button
The Thought
The Two Mr. Brandts
Till Murder Do Us Part
Unidentified Body
Uptown Express