The Inner Sanctum

The Inner Sanctum

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During the run of this program there were several shows that were re-runs and appear in the master list of episodes ( ) more than once. Other sellers of this series have used this to bulk up their episode list. In some cases you'll even hear the announcer will say it's a repeat. In the cases where the same script was re-done by different actors, we might leave those in for the sake of the collectors who want completion.

We're not going to waste your time and try and oversell what is available. We value your business and want you to trust that you're getting what you're paying for.


Episode List

A Corpse There Was
Amazing Death Of Mrs Putnam
Appointment with Death
Beneficiary -- Death
Between Two Worlds
Beyond the Grave
Birdsong for a Murderer
Birdsong for a Murderer
Black Sea Gull
Blood of Cain
Catch a Killer
Cause of Death
Corpse for Halloween
Corpse Without a Conscience
Dead Freight
Dead Heat
Dead Man's Deal
Dead Man's Debt
Dead Man's Holiday
Dead Man's Vengeance
Dead Reckoning
Dead to Rights
Deadly Fare
Death Across the Board
Death Bound
Death by Scripture
Death Demon
Death for Sale
Death Has Claws
Death in the Depths
Death Is a Double-Crosser
Death Is a Joker
Death Is an Artist
Death of a Doll
Death on the Highway
Death out of Mind
Death Pays the Freight
Death Pays the Freight
Death Rides a Riptide
Death Wears a Lonely Smile
Death's Little Brother
Death's Old Sweet Song
Deathwatch in Boston
Desert Death
Detour to Terror
Don't Dance on My Grave
Eight Steps to Murder
Fearful Voyage
Flame of Death
Hangman's Island
Honeymoon with Death
House of Doom
Hunter from Beyond
I Walk in the Night
I Want to Report a Murder
Image of Death
Inner Sanctum Audio Brief
Island of Death
Killer at Large
Lady Killer
Lady with a Plan
Make Ready My Grave
Man from the Grave
Mark My Grave
Mind over Murder
Murder by Prophecy
Murder Comes at Midnight
Murder Comes to Life
Murder Faces East
Murder Mansion
Murder off the Record
Murder Rides the Carousel
Murder Takes a Honeymoon
Musical Score
Mystery of the Howling Dog
Night Is My Shroud
No Coffin for the Dead
No Rest for the Dead
Only the Dead Die Twice
Over My Dead Body
Pattern for Fear
Portrait of Death
Skeleton Bay
Skeleton Bay
Snow White Scarf
Song of the Slasher
Spectre of the Rose
Strands of Death
Strange Passenger aka The Corpse In The Taxi
Study for Murder
Tempo in Blood
Terror by Night
Terror by Night
The Black Art
The Bog-Oak Necklace
The Color Blind Formula
The Confession
The Corpse In The Taxi
The Corpse Laughs Last
The Corpse Nobody Loved
The Corridor of Doom
The Creeping Wall
The Dark Chamber
The Dead Laugh
The Dead Walk at Night
The Deadly Dummy
The Death Deal
The Death Ship
The Devil's Fortune
The Devil's Workshop
The Doomed
The Edge of Death
The Ghost in the Garden
The Girl and the Gallows
The Hitch-Hiking Corpse
The Horla
The House Where Death Lived
The Judas Clock
The Last Story
The Listener
The Lonely Sleep
The Magic Tile
The Magic Tile
The Man from Yesterday
The Man Who Couldn't Die
The Meek Die Slowly
The Melody of Death
The Murder Prophet
The Murder Ship
The Onyx Eye
The Scream
The Shadow of Death
The Silent Hands
The Skull That Walked
The Smile of Death
The Tell-Tale Heart
The Unburied Dead
The Undead
The Unforgiving Corpse
The Vengeful Corpse
The Voice on the Wire
The Wailing Wall
Till Death Do Us Part
Twice Dead
Wish to Kill
You Could Die Laughing