The Mysterious Traveler

The Mysterious Traveler

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The Mysterious Traveler was a show that conjured up both an image of the story being told, as well as the creepy narrator telling it. He was just as the title said, a "mysterious traveler" that we met each week on the train. It would begin with the distant sound of a phantom train approaching. A steam whistle blew, and soon we would be aboard, listening to our mysterious host spinning his yarn. His disturbing voice and morbid tales would fascinate us, as well as disturb us. After all, what kind of person would tell such a gruesome story to a stranger on a train? What sort of human would delight in the disasters of others and chuckle about the downbeat endings? Whoever he was, he knew what the audience liked-- and that made us just as guilty because we tuned in every week to hear more of it.

Maurice Tarplin was the man behind the mysterious voice. Taking us for a ride though the sinister and supernatural was his forte. Tarplin was so good at it, he also did another series that was very similar (but only 15 minutes long) called The Strange Dr. Weird. There was always a jovial undercurrent to his voice. It was obvious that he knew he was giving us the creeps and enjoyed it. And then there was the way he almost always cut off his tale right in the middle of a juicy detail. "If you think that's terrible, I should tell you about another murderer, a man who killed his wife by -- oh, you have to get off here. I'm sorry." Ostensively, it was because the train was pulling into our stop and we were about to exit, but it was really because he knew how to keep us in suspense for another week. Tarplin realized the best way to keep the audience returning was to never quite satisfy them, bur rather, to keep them hungry for more. And he sure shoveled out a lot of murder and suspense to his starving fans.

During the run of this program there were several shows that were re-runs and appear in the master list of episodes ( ) more than once. Other sellers of this series have used this to bulk up their episode list. In some cases you'll even hear the announcer will say it's a repeat. The duplicates that often appear are:

"Behind the locked door - Episodes 205 and 329"
"The Accusing Corpse - Episode 20 and 186"
"The Planet Zevius - Episode 215 and 304"
"The Locomotive Ghost - Episodes 111 and 212"
"The Visiting Corpse - Episode 6 and 166"
"No Grave Can Hold Me - Episodes 86 and 208" and a few others.

We're not going to waste your time and try and oversell what is available. We value your business and want you to trust that you're getting what you're paying for.

This Collection contains no fluff, no filler, just all available episodes as of 2/23/13.


Episode List

Behind the Locked Door
Beware Of Tomorrow
Change Of Address
Christmas Story
Dark Destiny
Death At Fifty Fathoms
Death Comes To Adolf Hitler
Death Has A Cold Breath
Death Has A Thousand Faces
Death Is My Caller
Death Is the Judge
Death Is The Visitor
Death Laughs Last
Death Rings Down the Curtain
Death Writes A Letter
Fire in the Sky
Hide-out For A Friend
I Died Last Night
I Wont Die Alone
If You Believe
It's Only Money
Key Witness
Killer At Large
Killer Come Home
Knives of Death
Mind Over Murder
Murder Goes Free
Murder In 2952
Murder In Jazz Time
Murder Is My Business
New Year's Nightmare
No Grave Can Hold Me
No One On The Line
Operation Tomorrow
Out of the Past
Planet Zevius
Queen of the Cats
Speak Of The Devil
Strange New World
Stranger In The House
Survival Of The Fittest
Symphony Of Death
The Accusing Corpse
The Big Brain
The Case Of Charles Foster
The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
The Good Die Young
The Green Plague
The Haunted Trailer
The House of Death
The Lady In Red
The Last Survivor
The Locomotive Ghost
The Man From Singapore
The Man in the Black Derby
The Man That Knew Everything
The Man The Insects Hated
The Man Who Died Twice
The Man Who Tried To Save Lincoln
The Man Who Vanished
The Most Famous Man In The World
The Planet Zevius
The Visiting Corpse
They Struck It Rich
They Who Sleep
Vacation From Life
Woman In Black
Zero Hour